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Sunday, 29 May 2011

My favourite Celebrity

I have a few favorites, I'll start with Jeremy Clarkson He is a TV presenter for Top Gear, he is my favorite because he says what we all think and doesn't worry about all this politically correct rubbish. He is a breath of fresh air and tells things AS IT IS. He makes what he does fun and entertaining. It is a pleasure and joy to watch him and read his articles. There is always an element of what will he do next? And when he does do it - the next question is - how far can he take this!

 Next is Richard Hammond, He is also a presenter on Top Gear (Can you see I like cars) he is funny and always makes people laugh. He also picks the best cars out of them all. He creates a sense of rivalry with Jeremy which makes the show better.

Last one is Angelina Jolie, Whilst other celebrites seem to get constantly involved in brawls, scandals, divorces, love trysts and every other complication known to man, this fine actress uses her status quo to great effect in the humanitarian field. A brilliant ambassador who travels worldwide for her causes, hugely knowledgeable in her fields and attracts attention for the most worthy causes....... Also she is beautiful!!

You are all welcome to comment and explain your favourite celebrities too.

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