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Monday, 6 June 2011

Interesting Facts!

A Tornado is a violent storm commonly known as a twister that brings destruction to people and property. Tornadoes mostly hit the United States of America although they might come anytime and anywhere. Tornadoes are high speed winds that hit the place generally in the months of March to May. The speed and size of the tornado can vary to any extent. Tornadoes are generally accompanied with thunderstorms. Some common signs of tornadoes are dark, blackish green sky, hailstorm and loud sounds like that of a yelling train etc.

Earth Quakes:
Earthquakes are the nature's most dangerous calamity. Earthquakes can hit any place, at any time and at any extreme level. There is no way out to stop earthquakes but only thing that humans can do is become more knowledgeable to protect themselves and lessen the amount of damage to the people as well as the property. The earthquake is caused due to movement of tectonic plates below the Earth's crust when they are pushed, pulled or jostled against each other. When the pressure of this movement becomes unbearable the rocks crack and shifts and the waves of energy produced is an earthquake.

 And Probably your favourite! A Twix Candy Bar:
Twix is a candy bar that was introduced in 1979 and had been known as a Raider bar in some places until 1991 despite concerns over the change being a marketing ploy to some. This type of bar features a cookie center with a caramel topping all covered in a milk chocolate coating. Two of these bars come in each package.
Twix bars come in many varieties including a version with a chocolate cookie and a peanut butter topping. Various other forms have appeared too including mint, ice cream and double chocolate bars.
One package of Twix contains 284 calories with 125 of them coming from fat. It also contains 14g of fat and 5g of saturated fat. 3mg of cholesterol and 37g of carbohydrates can also be found.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Anyone else got the flu?

I have had the flu twice in a month now....anyone else having this pandemic!!! It is really effecting my job

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Top Gear Live Show

As mentioned above, my favorite celebs were from Top Gear. So I went to the Top Gear Live show a while back at the Melbourne Show grounds. It was amazing, I saw so many unique and superb cars, I just wish I could drive out of those gates with that sweet pink Hummer Limo! My favorite event was the drift cars racing, it was loud, fast and scary! They slid by the barriers so close you could touch them! If anyone has a chance at going to the show, I would recommend it.

For you Justin Beiber Lovers out there....

For Demi Lovato's sake, let's really hope this wasn't a double date...
Multiple witnesses tell Hollywood Life that Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Chris Brown and a few others were spotted together last week at a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in Sherman Oaks.
Justin in GoldStunning Selena GomezC. Brown PhotoDemi Dressed in Black

“Everyone in the theater couldn’t believe they were all here together," said a source. "They were all jumping up and down around each other like kids. Selena and Demi were especially affectionate with each other. They all looked really to be hanging out together. If you didn’t recognize them you’d think they were a bunch of regular high schoolers."
Bieber and Brown have grown tight ever since teaming up for "Next 2 U." They released photos of each other from that song's music video shoot a couple days ago.
The insiders all confirm that the group left before the end of the movie. Justin and Selena eventually jetted off to Maui, and let's just pray Chris and Demi went their separate ways after the evening ended.

My favourite Celebrity

I have a few favorites, I'll start with Jeremy Clarkson He is a TV presenter for Top Gear, he is my favorite because he says what we all think and doesn't worry about all this politically correct rubbish. He is a breath of fresh air and tells things AS IT IS. He makes what he does fun and entertaining. It is a pleasure and joy to watch him and read his articles. There is always an element of what will he do next? And when he does do it - the next question is - how far can he take this!

 Next is Richard Hammond, He is also a presenter on Top Gear (Can you see I like cars) he is funny and always makes people laugh. He also picks the best cars out of them all. He creates a sense of rivalry with Jeremy which makes the show better.

Last one is Angelina Jolie, Whilst other celebrites seem to get constantly involved in brawls, scandals, divorces, love trysts and every other complication known to man, this fine actress uses her status quo to great effect in the humanitarian field. A brilliant ambassador who travels worldwide for her causes, hugely knowledgeable in her fields and attracts attention for the most worthy causes....... Also she is beautiful!!

You are all welcome to comment and explain your favourite celebrities too.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hey guys, Its my first blog

Hey, this is the first blog to come.

There will be some celebrity gossip in my next ones :). Keep Checking back for more juicy info.